Hi Girls!

It’s been a long time since my last contact lens review, eh? If you’ve been stalking me in Instagram,you’ll notice that in these past two weeks I’ve been wearing such an eye-catching pair of new contact lens. This contact lens caught so many people’s heart and asked me where did it come from! Curious no more girls, because today I’ll be reviewing it!

Long story short, I was contacted by X2 Indonesia few weeks ago after sharing a lot of photos wearing lens from them on Instagram. Lately I’m obsessed with X2 lens, not only because they’re cheap but the quality is top notch! So when they asked whether I wanted to try another new product from them, of course I religiously nod ✌👀 Ayeeee!

I was sent this beautiful lens from X2 Diary series. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look on the product information:

First, let’s take a look at the outer packaging of this product. Isn’t it pretty? The box is made of thick cardboard material which is super sturdy. I also love the shiny metallic-like detail on the curves around the X2 logo. Indeed, it’s super pretty.

The concept of the packaging was inspired by its very own name: a diary! It opens to the left, like a book, and the thick part – which resembles book’s pages –  is the space where the two vial bottles are securely placed.


X2 Diary comes in 9 different colors, and I was sent number 08 Grey. Please make sure to re-check the color before buying, because in Diary series, they have 3 different grey colors.

Color: ♥♥♥♥♥

This lens is a three-tone color lens which consists of yellow, light, and dark grey. It’s not very transparent, but the colors are pretty faint that I was quite skeptical at the first look at this product, because I’m afraid it won’t look good on me. Turns out I was wrong, the faint colors actually come out pretty vivid once I wear the lens, except for the yellow as it blends nicely with my actual dark brown eyes.


Design: ♥♥♥♥♥

The design resembles the shape of spikes. The clear part in between the spike design really helps to let my natural eye color to shine through, so my eyes don’t look weird or ghastly at all with this lens. I have always loved this kind of design –  as in EOS Ice Grey – but I should say I like X2 Diary’s design more because the spikes are bolder and more of an irregular pattern, so it really creates my eyeslook blingy and cute, but still sharp like an Anime character!

Enlargement:  ♥♥♥♥♥

X2 Diary is 15 mm in diameter, so the enlarging effect is real but it’s not too big that will make your eyes look fake or weird. Even though the outer ring isn’t really thick, but the grey color is dark enough to beautifully frame the eyes. This lens also gives your eyes such a beautiful “nudy effect” – a teary effect created by the little space of pretty transparent lens color on the white part of eyes – which is not too obvious from afar, but helps enhancing the eyes especially when you glance!

Comfort:  ♥♥♥♥♥

Most contact lenses from X2 are quite thick in material in my opinion, but I think they’ve renewed the formula (and perhaps material as well) because this one is super comfortable and also is relatively thin! It’s still not as thin and flexible as most Korean lens though, but nowadays when I’m busy as a bee, I prefer my lens to be stiffer for easy putting-in purpose. Even though the water content is only at 38%, it’s not drying at all.

Here’s some pics of me with this lens in action! Tap for larger images + sharper details 👇❤


Last Words?

X2 Diary in 08 Grey is now my favorite lens. I will definitely repurchase it over and over again, as I got so much compliments while wearing it and people actually drools over it! It’s not just another circle lens with common eyes-enlarging effect, this one really makes your eyes pop in such a cute and beautiful way. The overall design and color combination aren’t soft and au naturel on eyes, but that’s what I love about Diary’s the bold spikey design: it creates big, teary eyes effect that can also give sharp and deadly stare if needed. Moreover, it’s very comfortable on eyes. Very important!

I’m considering of buying this lens in different colors next time. Well, I still have another 8 colors to try…better start googling now and see which color to get next! Thank you for reading the review girl,even though this post is sponsored by X2, all the opinion expressed are honest and 100% mine, so no worries!

Well, prepare your wallet too, because this ain’t be the last review of X2 contact lens that I post in my blog – instead this is the first! I still have two more lenses to review, so stay tune to my blog okay ~

If you have comments or question, please feel free to drop it down below and I will quickly reply to you soon. See you in my next post, XO ❤👄

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