X2 has a vision to embrace the beauty of Indonesian women’s eyes. Here, X2 presents contact lenses with the best technology and innovation, offering the largest and most comprehensive collection of colors and patterns in Indonesia. The comfort of X2 Softlens has been proven and tested. Supported by Authorized Dealers throughout Indonesia, X2 products can be easily obtained.

"Look Beyond The Ordinary"

We provide high quality contact lenses and give you a satisfying comfortable experience. With “Look Beyond The Ordinary” campaign, X2 is here to put brighter shine to your eyes and let you steal the spotlight. Express your flair and be more than  what meets the eyes. We make ways for the extraordinary.

Hanum Mega

Softlens X2 Made in Korea, jadi kualitasnya udah terjamin karena sudah Kemenkes certified! Aku juga dari dulu pake X2. ✨

Sandra Lubis

Gak bikin mata kering dan merah. Banyak pilihan warna yang cantik-cantik banget. 🥰

Clarissa Putri

Dipake seharian gak ada rasa mengganjal sama sekali. 😍  warnanya juga cantik banget.