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X2 Eye Care ​

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Whatever softlens you like, X2 Softlens has technology that could keep your eyes healthy. X2 Sanso and X2 Fame use Silicone Hydrogel Material which could transmit oxygen up to 80%. X2 Bio series Designed with Sandwich Dyeing Donut Technology which makes the lens thinner, so more comfortable for you to wear all day. While, X2 Ch’i has Hydroloc Technology which is spread over the softlens so that it moisturize eyes. PC-SiHy has also been shown to reduce bacteria and dirt to softlens. So, love your eyes, keep it healthy.

X2 Ch'i with HydroLoc Tech PC-SiHy

X2 Ch’i with HydroLoc Technology – Phosphorylcholine Silicone Hydrogel. HydroLoc Technology with built-in moisture spreads over the lens surface, works like eye’s natural moisturizer. Phosphorylcholine Silicone Hydrogel (PC-SiHy) with high biocompatibility, similar to the characteristics of human cornea. Has a high moisture absorption and able to provide maximum comfort.