So happy and grateful to be a part of X2 Beibs! Bisa ketemu orang-orang baik disini dan terima banyak bgt opportunities yang bikin aku senang banget 🥰


Sooo much funn😆 There are plenty of lovely and heartfelt friends around, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to try X2 new products; the comfort they provide is on another level.


Beautiful charm starts with beautiful eyes, my eyes have always been beautiful since becoming X2 Beibs ✨


I’m so happy join X2 Beibs because i get new friends with the same frequency that make me happy and enjoy to be in the X2 Family 💕


Hi world, of course I’m very happy, enjoy and grateful to be able to join and meet new friends in the X2 Beibs Community, for sure there will be more things to learn and super fun activities in the future to do! 💕

Eliana Fernanda

Seneng banget sih, dapet temen baru, pengalaman baru bareng temen-temen, dapet skill juga dan masih banyak lagi. ✨


Very comfortable even if worn all day, untuk pemula lebih baik coba pakai X2 karena secara material juga lebih ok. Kadar airnya juga lebih banyak ,dan yang paling penting cocok untuk mata sensitif. 🥰


Experience a new look, feel beautiful and powerful with the confidence that comes from using X2 products. Enhance your self-assurance and make new connections by joining the X2 community. It’s an exciting and joyful journey!🤍


I am so grateful to be a part of X2 Beibs Community, being one of X2 Beibs have been such a great opportunities for me, to learn more, to meet and get to know a lot of friends around Indonesia and it feels so nice to be a part of X2, thank you! 🤍

Diva Khansa

Fully grateful being a X2 Beibs💗 banyak banget pengalaman & ketemu sama orang-orang yang memiliki minat yang sama. can’t wait grow up together w/ X2 Beibs🌱


It’s such a pleasure to become one of X2 Beibs. I have been wearing X2 since high school, and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to try X2 new collections. Thank you X2!


So happpyy to be X2 Beibs! Karena bisa ngembangin diri di sini dan ketemu banyak bgt temen baruu! Even kakak-kakak dari X2 pun very welcoming & supportive ❤


Spoiled with a lot of joy. Kakak – kakak X2 very friendly seneng banget jadi gamau ngelewatin setiap acara X2 ! Terus juga ketemu temen baru 🤍 Super happy!


I’m so grateful and joyful to be part of X2 Beibs. Got new friends, new experience with many fun activities make opportunity to develove myself more. And definitely got some beautiful packages from X2.


Very lucky to be here and fun. Xoxo 🥰


I love being X2 Beibs because i like the color of soflens and so many interesting activities for beibs!!


I feel very confident and feel my aura is very outgoing


So happy bisa lolos huhu terharu karena gak yakin bisa lolos, karena pasti banyak banget kan yang join, but thankyou so much X2-min udh pilih aku juga jadi salah satu bagian dari kalian! gak sabar pengen ada event offline biar bisa ketemu sama kalian semua🖤🥰🤏🏻


Nyaman, corak elegan, affordable


so happyy!! can’t wait untuk ketemu X2 Beibs yang cantik-cantik and participate in events/projects from X2😍


Super excited because I’ve been wearing X2 since senior high school which was 7 years ago! X2 sanso was my first love and turner out I’ve tried many X2 variants and even recommend it to my friends. Glad to be part of X2 while X2 has been in my life for more than 7 years ❤️


I’m beyond grateful to be a part of X2 Beibs 💕
Seneng banget bisa nambah pengalaman, nambah temen, ga sabar buat ikut challenge2 selanjutnya 🥹🩷


Super happy to be part of X2 Beibs because i can meet fellow X2 lovers and try X2 new collections ❤️


Banggaa sekali rasanyaa bisa loloss dari sekian orang yg daftar, semogaa aktif sampai X2 Beibs ini selesai dan tentunyaa semogaa dapet banyak ilmu dan plus benefit yang aku dapetin dari sini🥰💖🎀


I’m very happy and grateful after being accepted as a member of X2 Beibs. I hope to participate in X2 activities, learn even more, create quality content, and meet friends


X2 is a chefs kiss! You can find it EVERYWHEREEEE! low price but good quality, whenever i use x2, it doesn’t feel like i’m using contact lens.


Such an amazing opportunity to be a part of X2 Beibs ! Especially because X2 is my best softlens and will always be ✨🥹 Can’t wait for the exciting journey ahead !


so much fun! got news friend, and grateful for the being part of X2Beibs!🌷🤍 semoga makin nambah banyak pengalaman disinii✨


Being X2 Beibs like kamu bisa melihat dunia dengan lebih bright dan gak burem. Kok bisa, iyalaaah karena aku pengguna softlens hari-hari. So, menjadi part of X2 Beibs like a big opportunity to see how big and clear this world and meet a new friends from sabang to merauke