Is X2 Softlens available in minus?

X2 Softlens is available start from normal size (plano) until minus 10. 

What makes X2 Softlens different than others softlens?

X2 Softlens has technology and innovation that makes X2 different than others softlens. X2 Softlens also registered at Ministry Health and has number of AKL.

What is Phosphorylcholine Silicone Hydrogel material?

Phosphorylcholine Siliicone Hydrogel is softlens material that has biomimetic system, The surface of the cornea is an extraordinary structure with many features that protect it from infection, foreign deposits and other disorders. Reduces the adhesion of protein deposits, foreign substances and bacteria.

What's best seller softlens at X2?

You can click here for more information of our recommendation.

How long lifespan of X2 Softlens?

X2 softlens has varying life span. The duration use is for 3 – 6 months. 

What is SDD Technology?

SDD or Sandwich Dyeing Doughnut Technology is makes contact lenses thinner and oxygen enters the eyes more quickly, thereby minimizing dryness when using contact lenses

Why we have to try X2 Sanso?

X2 Sanso has Silicone Hydrogel Material that’s able to deliver oxygen up to 80%. X2 Sanso could increase the level of comfort and doesn’t only depend on the amount of water content.